My Marvellous Dream Is You (2024)

My Marvellous Dream Is You (2024)


I’m Dawan. Since I can remember, I have always had strange dreams about a quiet girl who often played with me in my dreams. One day, a new neighbor moved in, and that led to my family falling apart. My father ran away with the man next door, who turned out to be the father of Khimhan the quiet and small girl from next door. Initially, we were not close at all, but circumstances brought us closer and made us understand each other.

However, Khimhan was unaware that while in the real world we were just friends, in my dreams, she and I did things that went far beyond that. So, I kept my feelings concealed because I couldn’t let her know. I never realized that in those dreams, I was not the only one dreaming.

Other Name: ฝันรักห้วงนิทรา


Released: May. 08, 2024

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